Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Workshop: Landscape Painting in Oils

Do you feel like painting out in the fresh spring weather? I'm conducting a two-day workshop on a property with old barn and farmhouse, plant nursery, and arboretum. We will loosen up by doing a couple of small, very quick oil sketches just to establish major areas of light and shadow, color and value. Then we will develop two paintings, one in morning light and one in afternon light. You will need to bring all materials and a box lunch.


May 11, 12

(rain dates: May 18, 19)

Please contact the Wayne Art Center for details.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Small works show

Recently I entered a landscape and a portrait into the Philadelphia Sketch Club's Annual Exhibition of Small Oil Paintings, and both were accepted.

This may not seem significant to most people, but to me it was curious because I've always heard artists are supposed to develop a "label" or a "brand," which means painting the same thing over and over until you are recognized for it. Sounds boring to an artist. Why shouldn't we paint whatever moves us and be appreciated for it?

Up to this point I've had two separate careers as a landscape artist and a portrait artist. Everything is separate: gallery representation vs. portrait commissions, publicity, and collectors. It sometimes feels as though I'm coexisting in two parallel worlds.

So that's why I find it so curious (and very exciting) that these two paintings were accepted into the same show.