Monday, April 28, 2008

One of 43 Maine Artists

The April issue of Maine Home + Design Magazine is called the "art issue" and, among other articles on art collecting and living with art, it features a short article by Carl Little on five Maine artists. There's also an article entitled "Art. Extraordinary artists whose work reflects Maine's timeless mystique." I'm happy to report that I was somehow (we won't ask how) chosen to be in it. I was not aware of this new publication before the editor called me to ask if I would participate, but now I'm telling everyone about it!

Painting in the Brandywine Valley

Well, we weren't exactly in the valley. More like on top of a hill overlooking the valley. It was a very warm spring day, and no shade was nearby, so we broiled a bit. I went with my friends and fellow artists Nancy Bea Miller and Garth Herrick. Here we are in the middle of setting up. Nancy Bea has spotted a bird and is taking a photo of it, Garth is unloading his equipment, and the horses are looking on.

And here's a closeup of the view I was painting. It's great to get outside, stand in the middle of a landscape, and try to replicate the real colors and the excitement of exeriencing the moment.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Speaking in front of 800 people!

Last weekend I unveiled my portrait of George A. ("Frolic") Weymouth at the Portrait Society of America's annual conference. This year it happened to be held in Philadelphia, and the Leadership in the Arts Award was given to Mr. Weymouth, a landscape and portrait painter who also founded the Brandywine River Conservancy and Museum, and is the museum's present director. The Portrait Society asked me to paint a portrait of Mr. Weymouth as part of the award. There was an unveiling ceremony and I had to "say a few words." Well, I have to say that the anticipation of standing up there in front of 800 people was far worse than the actual experience!

I should add that I actually envisioned this as an opportunity to combine the genres of portrait and landscape into one painting. It was lots of fun to paint!

Here I am up there at the podium...and here is the portrait.