Monday, September 28, 2009

Painting at Beaver Farm

A few days after returning from Maine, I was off to Beaver Farm in Pennsylvania for a day of painting outdoors with a group of artists from all over the area. My friend and fellow artist Nancy Bea Miller organized the event. Her son Henry attends the Camphill Special School, and Beaver Farm was recently purchased by the school. Upon visiting the farm, Nancy Bea was struck by its particular beauty and thought it would be a great place to paint. I drove out there with her early in the summer and agreed wholeheartedly. The idea of holding a fundraising event for the school began to take shape, and evolved into "Plein Air Day at Beaver Farm," with around 30 artists participating.

I was one of the first to arrive, and I got down to work painting the barnyard and side of the huge red barn. On my way to lunch I saw a green tractor parked in the doorway of the barn and whipped out another painting before the tractor had to be driven out to do the haying. Then on to a delicious lunch. My afternoon painting was not as fruitful but I had time to take a bunch of photos. The day ended with an incredible dinner of organic food straight from the farm! Many, many thanks to Guy and Ani who run the program at Beaver Farm and hosted the event.

Our day at Beaver Farm was mentioned in several national publications including the October Issue of American Artist Magazine!

To see a selection of paintings by participating artists and photos of the day, check out the online gallery on the Camphill website.