Friday, April 3, 2015

Solo Show May 2015

I'm so pleased and excited to announce my upcoming solo show at the Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia! The opening reception will be May 8th, 5-7 p.m..

Ways and Intersections is literally about “ways”—streets, roads, bridges, train tracks, rivers, creeks, and canals—that connect places, intersect, cross over and under each other, or run parallel to each other. 

The show will include a number of cityscapes of Philadelphia and scenes of areas immediately surrounding Philadelphia. The sizes will range from large aerial paintings to mid-sized studio paintings to smaller plein air studies. There will also be a few figurative paintings in the show.

The landscapes and cityscapes are nearly all from an elevated perspective.  From a high viewpoint, many things are visible that are not visible from ground level, and conversely many things that seem important from ground level fade into the background when viewed from above. From a high vantage point we can get a "different perspective" on things,  both literally and figuratively. 

"Ways and Intersections" is also about relationships between people and the individual paths of each person. In my figurative paintings I continue exploring themes based on my own experience and the  life-changing experiences I see happening to other people.  Our journey through life in all its ramifications is endlessly fascinating to me.

In the next room, the supremely talented Kevin Muente will be having his own one-person show, so come see his work, too. Hope to see you all at the opening!