Friday, November 6, 2009

Beaver Farm Opening at Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia

Garth Herrick in Fedora delivering calendars, Lynne Campbell on right.
Carla Tudor and Eliza Drake Auth trying the delicious food
Ani and Guy Alma, who live at Beaver Farm and run the program there, with Nancy Bea Miller
Giovanni Casadei and Marianne Mitchell talking
Here I am with my paintings.
I'm still coming down from the euphoria and excitement of a packed gallery, enthusiastic crowd, and brisk sales--an unusual sight these days. Tuesday evening was the culmination of our Plein Air Day at Beaver Farm event. Nancy Bea Miller organized the painting events and the one-day group show at the Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia. At least 25% of the sales went directly to benefit the Camphill Special Schools, and some artists donated the entire purchase price of their work to the school. The energy in the gallery was palpable, all the more so because the space was packed to the gills. I wish I had better photos to show of the crowd. There was a man with a TV camera who hold to hold the camera high to get through the crowd.

As we packed up the remaining work the following morning, the gallery owner Richard Rosenfeld was answering calls from more people interested in buying art! In all, over 50% of the work was sold and more is expected to sell. Not bad for a recession! Some of the best artwork is still available, so check out the online gallery if you are interested in seeing it. Garth Herrick and I made calendars which will be available for purchase. They contain lots of images of the work, and of artists hanging out together and painting at Beaver Farm. Information on how to purchase the calendars will be posted on the school website.