Sunday, September 23, 2007

Painting Trip

I recently returned from yet another trip to Maine, this one devoted entirely to painting! My friends and fellow artists Nancy Bea Miller, Eliza Auth, and Diana Cobb Ansley and I went to Mount Desert Island and Monhegan for a week of blissful immersion in art. We painted the Beehive from Sand Beach during what began as cloudless weather and swiftly changed as a fog bank rolled in from the ocean. The next day was rainy so we painted the Seawall from under a friend's porch roof. Then on Monhegan we had perfect jewel-like clear skies and hardly a breeze--perfect painting conditions--and I was able to complete two canvases and still hike around the island and take photos. We took a boat ride to Manana, an island adjacent to Monhegan. It was open, tundra-like terrain, wild and uninhabited. All in all, we had a wonderful trip and it was hard to return to civilization.

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