Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where the Action is

Last week I went to the Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine, to the opening of the Monhegan show. Looking around at the crowd, it was hard to believe this country is in the middle of a recession!

First of all, I must reiterate that this gallery space is worth seeing--and it keeps getting better. There are three rooms (each as big as an average storefront) downstairs, and now there is an equal amount of space above it, on the second floor. This means the gallery can hold several exhibitions simultaneously. The crowd poured in the door and went every which way depending on which shows they were interested in. The artists range from N.C. Wyeth, George Bellows, and Andrew Winter to Peter Poskas, Jon Redmond, Connie Hayes, Colin Page--famous artists to emerging artists. Wine, cheese and delicious finger food was served. I had a great time chatting with other artists, art lovers, and collectors. Maine artist Mary Cupp traveled two hours to the event--it was nice to see her there.

Here I am beside one of my paintings in the show. This one is of Monhegan village and the Island Inn, from the lawn of the Monhegan House. The photo was taken by artist and friend Diana Cobb Ansley.