Saturday, October 17, 2009

Painting at the Red House

Sunset from the Red House
The cemetery in fog
Nancy Bea at Lobster Cove
Mary painting on the porch
At the Barnacle
Two Houses
Edges in Light
Ferry Dock in Afternoon
This was the Maine Landscape Guild's third summer on the island of Monhegan off the coast of Maine. We stayed in the Red House, famous for its bright color and its connection with artist Rockwell Kent. The view from the house was magnificent in all directions, and we were tempted to just stay there and paint, but the cold wind drove us to find good painting spots in other, more sheltered corners of the island.

Our system of meal preparation and chore-sharing, which we planned out beforehand, worked beautifully, allowing us a hassle-free week of painting, delicious food, and good company. We met a few other artists, but due to the fact that we came later in September we missed the crowds of artists that we encountered all over Monhegan last year. I'm not sure which I like better: solitude or artist-mania!

Here are some shots from the trip, and a couple of paintings.