Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catalogues Available

The Aladdin Lamp, oil on linen, 20" x 30"

The Dowling Walsh Gallery is offering a 22-page color catalog of my show Right Here: New Maine Paintings for the very reasonable price of $5. You can pick one up at the gallery, or contact Jake Dowling at 207-596-0084 or at if you would like one sent to you via mail.

The catalog includes 20 color reproductions and an essay by Carl Little, author of Edward Hopper's New England and other books. His article on Fairfield Porter and James Schuyler appears in the 2011 Island Journal.


Shirley Fachilla said...

Several friends and I should be painting in Maine during the time your show will be up in Rockland. I've already heard that the museum in Farnsworth is a must-see.
I hope to see your work in person. I've loved it since I first saw your portraits and figuratives on the "Stroke of Genius" forum.

Alexandra Tyng said...

Thank you, Shirley, for the nice comments on my work. Dowling Walsh and the Farnsworth are just across Main Street from each other. I hope you have good weather for your painting trip in Maine!