Saturday, December 12, 2009

Star-Studded Cast

James Toogood and I standing in front of our paintings.
Outside/Inside, oil, 42" x 50"

The Philadelphia Sketch Club is celebrating its 150th year with an exhibit of paintings by past and present members. As one of the present members, I was invited to be in the show, and I have to say it really knocked my socks off to see my painting hanging in the same room with an N.C. Wyeth, a Thomas Eakins, a Rockwell Kent, a Daniel Garber, a Thomas Moran. . . the list goes on and on. A humbling and awe-inspiring experience!

You might notice something about these illustrious past members: they are all male. That's because the Sketch Club just started admitting female members very recently. think I'm one of four women artists in the exhibition.

The show comes down tomorrow, and I'll be sad to see all those amazing works go back to their permanent homes.